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Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation

Head of the Consular Section: Mr. Anton BUZANAKOV.

Address:                                          Scheveningseweg 2, 2517 KT Den Haag (map).

Phones (9:00-12:00):                     +31 70 744 82 29 (9:00 - 12:00)

Fax:                                                 +31 70 212 44 42


Opening hours:                              Monday-Friday 09:00-13:00

Dear visitors,

We inform you that from February 11, 2021, the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands resumes its work.

Announcements of the Consular section

Dear Applicants

Dear Applicants,

Please note that from October 15, 2021, registration for all services of the Consular Section will be carried out in the same manner, but in a new version at this link. All current appointments will be valid until October 29, 2021.

Another person can’t use your appointment to visit the Consular Section.

Dear visitors of the Consular Section,

Please be informed that appointments at the Consular Section are strictly personal.

Another person can’t use your appointment to visit the Consular Section.

If you can’t visit the Consular Section at the time and date that you have selected, you’re requested to cancel the appointment.

To assure comfortable and safe work of the Consular Section you’re requested to follow the following instructions.

  • don’t arrive to the Consular Section earlier than 15 minutes before the time of your appointment;
  • only visitors themselves are allowed to enter the Consular Section (no relatives, friends etc., with the exception to the procedures that officially require their participation);
  • don’t bring oversized personal belongings, bags, travel cases etc. with you to the Consular Section;
  • strictly follow the instructions of the officers controlling access of visitors to the presences of the Consular Section;

Disrespect of these rules constitute grounds for the prohibition on entry and stay within the premises of the Consular Section even in the case the visitor has a pre-reserved appointment.

Dear visitors of the Consular Section of the Embassy,

Dear visitors of the Consular Section of the Embassy,

The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands is pleased to announce that the Russian visa application centre will start working on June 18, 2021 (Parkstraat 83, The Hague, 2514 JG. Haagsche Hoff, Office A215).

If there are no available dates for the appointment at the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy for the time preferred by a candidate for a visa, the documents have to be submitted only to the above-mentioned visa centre.

Please find the working hours, appointment procedure rules and other visa related information via the following link:

As from now on, all visa questions regarding Russian visas can be addressed to the center's email address:

When the web-site asks to select the location where the applicant is going to submit documents, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands OR the Visa Centre must be chosen – a choice depends on the place where an applicant has made a visa appointment).

Entry of foreign citizens to Russia by air

Entry of foreign citizens to Russia by air

Foreign citizens must have a medical document (in Russian or English) confirming the negative result of a laboratory PCR test for COVID-19 when boarding the aircraft.

A material must be selected no earlier than three calendar days before arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation. Medical documents may be submitted in the official language of the state of registration of the organization that issued such medical documents with a notarized translation into Russian (by a consular official of the Russian Federation).

In addition, before arriving on the territory of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen must fill out a questionnaire which is posted on the official website of  Rospotrebnadzor:  (

Dear visitors

Dear visitors,

On July 1, 2020, the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy will be closed due to a vote on approving amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Holidays of the Consular section for the year 2020

According to the Russian calendar of holidays the Consular section will be closed in 2020 on the following dates:  January 1-8, February 24, March 9, May 1-5 and 11, June 12 and November 4.

The Dutch holidays do not apply to the Russian consulate

E-visas for Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region

From October 1, 2019, citizens of some foreign countries will be able to get single entry business, humanitarian and tourist electronic visas (e-visas) to visit the city of Saint Petersburg and the territory of the Leningrad region. For more information, please click here.

E-visas for Kaliningrad region

From July 1, 2019, citizens of some foreign countries will be able to get single entry business, humanitarian and tourist electronic visas (e-visas) to visit the Kaliningrad region. For more information, please click here.

About the entry to Russia with two passports: one cancelled with a Russian visa and a new one without a Russian visa

According to current Russian legislation, entry to the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and stateless persons holding a cancelled passport with a valid Russian visa and a new passport without such a visa is not allowed.

In such cases foreign citizens or stateless persons are to refer to the Russian consulate that has issued the visa prior to their planned trip to Russia in order to transfer the valid Russian visa from the cancelled passport to the new one.

The Russian Visa Centre In the Hague.

The Russian Visa Centre is opened on January 16, 2017 in the Hague with the aim of improving the quality of services rendered to the Dutch citizens and the citizens of the third countries, as well as to accelerate and simplify the process of issuing entry visas for Russian Federation. See the map.

Attention ! Scammers !

Attention ! Scammers !

The Embassy would like to draw your attention to the activity of a fraudulent website, which is used to extort financial resources from foreign citizens by deception. The general scheme of such malpractices is very simple:


1. After making an acquaintance with a “Russian lady” on a dating website, a foreign citizen invites her to stay with him as a guest;

2. Under the pretext of clarifying the visa requirements the “lady” gives the address of the fraudulent website of the “Consulate General Russia”;

3. The “Consulate” confirms the necessity to transfer financial means to the “lady’s” bank account for the “financial guarantees of her stay” during her departure from Russia to the EU.


In this regard we would like to remind all, whom it may concern, about the necessity to exercise utmost vigilance when making acquaintances through dating sites. If under any pretext you are asked to transfer money, you must never do it under any circumstances.

The legislation of the Russian Federation does not require Russian citizens to provide to the authorities in the airport of departure any proof of possessing the financial means for the period of their stay abroad.


If you are advised to ask the above mentioned “Consulate General Russia” for the confirmation of the necessity to transfer the financial means, we request you to keep in mind that its website is fake and has no relation whatsoever either to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or to Russian Consular Missions abroad.


Please note also that the only authentic official website of the Embassy and the Consulate of Russia in the Netherlands is The Embassy The e-mail for enquiries of the Consular section of the