The celebration of the Diplomats’ Day

The celebration of the Diplomats’ Day at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands


On February 10th the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands hosted a reception dedicated to the Diplomats’ Day.

The event was attended by heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations based in The Hague, representatives of political and public organizations, business community and the Dutch media, as well as Russian compatriots residing in the Netherlands.

In his opening address Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin gave a historical overview of the holiday, dwelled on the current international situation.

Alexander Shulgin drew attention of the all presents to the fact that this year we are celebrating two major anniversaries - the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II – in Russia called the Great Patriotic War – and the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Ambassador emphasized that in Russia is done everything necessary to counter the falsification of history, preserve the good name of the victorious soldiers, and prevent the revision of the internationally recognized results of the defeat of Nazism. Along with Russia many responsible states of the world advocate for historical memory.

The head of Russian mission touched also on the role played by Soviet diplomacy during the past war. The plaque in the hall of the ground floor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds new generations of diplomats of the courage and patriotism of the employees of the Soviet diplomatic service during the Great Patriotic War.

The photo exhibition depicting remarkable milestones of the Soviet and Russian diplomatic service was introduced to public.

The Russian piano player Anna Frank performed a variety of pieces of music.