Press Release

Press Release

The Hague, May 14, 2020


We familiarized ourselves with a letter of the Dutch Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Ms K.Ollongren to the Second Chamber of the States General of the Netherlands dedicated to the subject of “protection of democracy against disinformation”. We took notice of its contents and more specifically of that part of it which – with reference to the Annual report of AIVD for the year 2019 – deals with “ongoing (online) influencing activities of Russia on West-European social media” by means of seizing the coronavirus outbreak.

In light of the above the Embassy wishes to stress the following.

The Russian Federation has never undertaken activities in the Netherlands or elsewhere else in the world of which it is being falsely accused. It is not for the first time that Minister K.Ollongren chooses to shift the blame where it does not belong. The previous examples of it date back to as early as 2017 and later. It is deeply deplorable that such attempts are being made especially now when joint efforts of all nations worldwide are most needed to fight a common enemy we are facing – the novel coronavirus pandemics.

Therefore we call on Ms K.Ollongren either to reveal evidence of the alleged interference of the Russian Federation into internal affairs of the Netherlands or stop making wild accusations.


Embassy of the Russian Federation

in the Kingdom of the Netherlands