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In accordance with the Russian law, foreign citizens who arrive to the Russian Federation through sea and river ports as passengers of cruise ships or ferries may stay in the territory of the Russian Federation for 72 hours without visas.


Conditions to visa-free shore of foreign cruise or ferry passengers are the following:

- providing by the captain of the ship to the Russian port authorities of the lists of passengers 72 hours before the arrival of the vessel to the Russian port;

- the passenger must be included in the above lists;

- the passenger needs to have a valid ID document (only travel passport);

- the accommodation of the passenger during his (her) stay in Russia is possible only on board of a cruise or ferry ship;

- site-seeing by a passenger is only possible within the territory determined for visiting the group tourist program.


If a cruise ship passenger doesn't wish to join a tourist program on a visa-free basis proposed by the organisers of the cruise and wants to explore the city under his own conditions, he is required to get a 1-2 days tourist visa by providing tourist visa documents and follow the standart tourist visa procedure. 

The period of stay of a cruise or ferry passenger in the territory of the Russian Federation without a visa may be extended because of a delay of the departure of a cruise or ferry vessel due to a damage or a natural disaster, or if this foreign citizen is unable to continue the cruise due to emergency treatment or severe illness. The departure of such a foreign citizen from the Russian Federation by another mean of transport or through another point of entry-exit of the Russian border is possible only with a visa. The foreign citizen has to get a transit visa in a local office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation. Such kind of visa may be issued only in the territory of Russia for the purpose of evacuation of a foreign citizen who entered Russia on a visa-free basis.