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 1. How to make an appointment to apply for a Russian visa?

 2. Where may I fill in a visa application form?

 3. Are there any special requirements for a visa application form if I have made my visa appointment in the Russian consulate directly or in the Russian visa centre in the Hague?

 4. Is it possible to apply for a visa on behalf of a traveler?

 5. May I apply documents for a several persons? How many applications do I need to create in the online appointment system on the website and what information should be indicated?

 6. May I apply for two visas simultaneously?

 7. Where can I get information about the type of visa I need?

 8. What type of insurance do I need?

 9. In what cases do I need HIV test?

 10. Citizens of what countries are not required to have a visa to travel to the Russian Federation?

 11. I am not a citizen of the European Union, how may I obtain a Russian visa? May I obtain a Russian visa in the Netherlands?

 12. How many days may I stay in Russia with a tourist visa?

 13. I’m a transit passenger in a Russian airport. Do I need a transit visa?

 14. I plan to travel through Russia by vehicle, what additional documents will be required from me?

 15. May I obtain an urgent visa? What are visa processing times?

 16. I have already bought the tickets to visit the Russian Federation, but I can’t make an appointment at the Consular section in a short time. What should I do?

 17. I would like to make a cruise trip with a stop in one or several Russian ports. Do I need a Russian visa?

 18. What are the categories of foreign citizens who are authorized to apply for the Russian visa directly in the Russian consulate in the Hague without an appointment? In what cases is it possible?

 19. I would like to have a 5 year Russian multiple-entry visa on the Russia-EU visa facilitation Agreement. What do I need for this?

 20. Where do I need to apply for my Russian visa: in the Russian Consulate directly or in the Russian visa centre in the Hague or in a visa agency?

 21. Where I can get a Russian business invitation?

 22. I have a cancelled Dutch passport with a valid Russian visa and a new Dutch passport without a visa. Is it possible to enter the Russian Federation if I show both passports?

 23. I was prescribed a medicine that contains some narcotic elements. I plan to visit the Russian Federation, I have a Russian visa. What document(s) do I need in order to be authorized to bring this medicine with me to Russia?

 24. I applied for a visa but I urgently need my passport for a unplanned trip to another country. It is possible to get my passport back, even without a Russian visa?

 25. I have booked a hotel in Moscow and would like to know what do I need to do in order to get a Russian tourist visa?

 26. I heard about free of charge electronic visas (e-visas). May I get such a visa for Russia?