Russia and the Netherlands keep constantly maintaining a dialogue in the field of cultural co-operation. Embassy of the Russian Federation organizes and assists in implementation of various projects and events.  

A ceremony dedicated to the restoration of the portraits of Czar Peter the Great and his spouse Catherine I took place in August 2018 in Czar Peter House in Zaandam. The project was supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands with financial assistance of the Dutch companies Royal Dutch Shell and Van Oord.

Russian performers are warmly welcome by the Dutch and international audience. The concerts of Russian pianists D. Matsuev, U. Achkinazi, D. Trifonov took place in Conertgebouw in Amsterdam, while pianist residing in the Netherlands M. Fomin gave a concert in the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The Embassy has supported the project of the latter performer to record  32 sonatas of Beethoven at “Tonstudia” in Moscow. Embassy has also assisted to the director of the Don Cossacks choir M. Verhoeff: the information about his initiative to organize a wide-scale tour in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria that would involve popular European performers was delivered to the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

The traditional Gergiev Festival was held in De Doelen in Rotterdam this September. This year it was devoted to the 30th anniversary of the creative co-operation between V. Gergiev and Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and 100th anniversary of the foundation of this music organization.

Within the framework of the “European Capital of Culture” hosted by Leeuwarden “Russian week” took place. The program of the festival was filled with various music performances, dramatic readings and lectures dedicated to Russia, Russian Culture and Russian language. The clergy, representatives of Russian and Dutch creative groups actively participated in the event.

One of the best-known museums of Europe Hermitage Amsterdam presented to the public the exposition “Classic Beauties” this June. Russian artists took part in the annual “Embassy Festival”.

Russian compatriots residing in the Netherlands significantly contribute to the maintenance of cultural ties between Russia and the Netherlands. For example, representatives of Russian diaspora organized a concert in Utrecht where classic music, old Russian and Gypsy romances were performed. Trade Representation of Russia hosted a literary-musical festival, and songs of V. Borisovskaya and A. Svintsova were presented, while poet E. Danchenko and actor E. Nezhinsky recited poetry.

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