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Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation

Head of the Consular Section: Mr. Ilya Komshilov , Counsellor of the Embassy.

Address:                                          Scheveningseweg 2, 2517 KT Den Haag (see the map).

Phones (9:00-12:00):                     +31 70 364 64 73, +31 70 364 07 80.

Attention !

Due to a technical problem all the telephones of the Consular section don't work for the moment. For all inquiries, please contact us by e-mail We apologize for the inconvenience.



Fax:                                                 +31 70 365 86 34.


Opening hours:                              Monday-Friday 09:00-13:00

For all the information about visas you are kindly requested to contact the Russian visa application centre in the Hague.  

Announcements of the Consular section

Holidays of the Consular section for the year 2018

According to the Russian calendar of holidays the Consular section will be closed in 2018 on the following dates: January 1-8, February 23, March 8 and 9, May 1, 2 and 9, June 11 and 12, November 5 and December 31.

Holidays of the Consular section for the year 2017

According to the Russian calendar of holidays the Consular section will be closed in 2017 on the following dates: January 1-8, February 23 and 24, March 8, May 1, 8 and 9, June 12 and November 6.

Announcement of the opening of the Russian Visa Centre In the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Russian Visa Centre - VFS. Global - is opened on January 16, 2017 in the Hague with the aim of improving the quality of services rendered to the Dutch citizens and the citizens of the third countries, as well as to accelerate and simplify the process of issuing entry visas for Russian Federation. See the map.

Visa-free entrance to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA 2018 World Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saransk, Volgograd.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the entry (exit) of foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in Russia as spectators for sports events within the framework of the above sports events is carried out without issued Russian visas. However, in order to be admitted to Russia foreign citizens/stateless persons must have a valid identity document (travel passport) and a personalized visitor card (also known as a “Fan ID”).

Information on the procedure for obtaining a «Fan ID» for the above sports event, an example of «Fan ID» and an additional information can be found on


The Russian Consulate recommends you to download the Fan ID memo (in English, French, Spanish or German), the Memo for passengers about the customs rules of the Russian Federation as well as the Reference information for international passengers travelling on railways during FIFA World Cup 2018 events.

Please, read the additional information: The information on the migration legislation and foreign spectators registration with the police in the period of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ holding,
 What is FAN IDHow does a foreign spectator get a FAN ID and look at the video guide below:


Attention ! Scammers !

Attention ! Scammers !

The Embassy would like to draw your attention to the activity of a fraudulent website, which is used to extort financial resources from foreign citizens by deception. The general scheme of such malpractices is very simple:


1. After making an acquaintance with a “Russian lady” on a dating website, a foreign citizen invites her to stay with him as a guest;

2. Under the pretext of clarifying the visa requirements the “lady” gives the address of the fraudulent website of the “Consulate General Russia”;

3. The “Consulate” confirms the necessity to transfer financial means to the “lady’s” bank account for the “financial guarantees of her stay” during her departure from Russia to the EU.


In this regard we would like to remind all, whom it may concern, about the necessity to exercise utmost vigilance when making acquaintances through dating sites. If under any pretext you are asked to transfer money, you must never do it under any circumstances.

The legislation of the Russian Federation does not require Russian citizens to provide to the authorities in the airport of departure any proof of possessing the financial means for the period of their stay abroad.


If you are advised to ask the above mentioned “Consulate General Russia” for the confirmation of the necessity to transfer the financial means, we request you to keep in mind that its website is fake and has no relation whatsoever either to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or to Russian Consular Missions abroad.


Please note also that the only authentic official website of the Embassy and the Consulate of Russia in the Netherlands is The Embassy The e-mail for enquiries of the Consular section of the