Participation of Russia at the 23 Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention

Russian delegation headed by Deputy Minister of industry and trade G. Kalamanov took part in the 23rd Conference of State Parties of the OPCW on November 19-20, 2018.

The Conference confirmed that the state parties of the Organization were deeply divided. The OPCW has become a politicized structure that is evidenced by the Syrian chemical dossier, UK-inspired “Skripal-case” and purely politicized attribution imposed by Western states. In June 2018 the Conference of States-parties took a decision to empower the Technical Secretariat to identify those responsible for use of chemical weapons. Russia considers the decision to be illegal, as long as the main tasks of the Technical Secretariat are limited to practical verification procedures. Such transformation of the Convention affects the fundamental principles and terms of the document. Russia proposed returning to the initial draft budget which didn’t foresee the assignations for attribution. These ideas were incorporated into Russian-Iran project of amendments to the draft Program and Budget. The attribution-advocates pushed adopting the Program and Budget of the Organization for 2019 increased by 2,4 mln euro. This stands in clear contradiction to the “zero nominal growth” principle agreed before.

Russia couldn’t refrain from taking actions.

During the 23rd Conference Russia and China submitted a draft decision to create a work group to carry out legal analysis of the decision to empower the Technical Secretariat with attribution functions.

27 allies at Russia’s initiative drafted Joint Statement “Upholding the Chemical Weapons Convention”.

Russia will analyze the results of the 23rd Conference and take appropriate measures.