Russia and the Netherlands are traditionally important economic partners. The Netherlands is the second in the world and first in Europe Russia’s trade partner and the second foreign direct investor. In 2014, Russian-Dutch trade turnover amounted to $73,2bn (according to the statistics of the Russian Federal Customs Service). The Netherlands remains Russia’s number one export destination ($67,9bn) and number 14 import partner ($5,2bn). In 2014, Russian-Dutch trade turnover equaled 9,4% of the Russian foreign trade volume. 

According to the Dutch statistics, in January-October 2014 Russian-Dutch trade turnover amounted to €21,4bn. Russia is number six import partner of the Netherlands (€16,2bn) and its number twelve export destination (€5,2bn). 

The Netherlands exports primarily agricultural products, food, chemical industry goods, machines and vehicles to Russia. Russia exports mineral resources and fuel, metals and metal goods to the Netherlands. 

By the end of Q2 2014, Dutch direct investments accumulated in Russia equaled $67,8bn (according to the Russian Central Bank statistics) which is 11% of the total foreign direct investments accumulated in the Russian economy.



Ambassadors of the EAEU Member States meet in the Hague

On April 11, 2019, Ambassador of Armenia Tigran Balayan, Ambassador of Belarus Nikolay Borisevich, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Magzhan Ilyassov and Ambassador of Russia Alexander Shulgin met in the Hague at the initiative of the Armenian Ambassador.

During the meeting the Ambassadors discussed organization of a joint event in order to present the Eurasian Economic Union and its advantages to the Dutch business.

In this regard the Ambassadors singed a letter to the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tigran Sarkisyan with a proposal to send a high-level delegation of the Members of the Board (Ministers) of the Eurasian Economic Commission to the Netherlands.