Russia keeps one of the top positions in the Netherlands’ program of international cooperation in cultural area. On a regular basis the two countries effectuate diverse cultural exchanges. 

One of the great examples of such an interaction is the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum. Since 2009 this museum held a number of exhibitions from Russia (in 2013-2015 these are “Impressionism: Sensation & Inspiration”, “Peter the Great”, “Gauguin, Bonnard, Denis”, “Expedition Silk Road”, “Dining with the Tsars” and “Alexandre, Napoleon & Josephine”). 

The major project in the field of bilateral cultural cooperation in 2014 became the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta 10 that took place in St-Petersburg from 28 June till 31 October. It is noteworthy that in a significant for Manifesta year (it celebrated 20th anniversary in 2014) the Russian State Hermitage Museum was selected by the Manifesta International Foundation as a main arena for the jubilee Biennial.