Speech of Ambassador Alexander Shulgin at the Opening of the Exhibition by Pavel Vaan





Dear guests!

Ladies and Gentlemen!


Today we have the honour to welcome within the walls of our Embassy a renowned Russian art photographer of Dutch origin, Pavel Vaan. The exhibition provides an opportunity to admire his works united under the title “Moscow Beauties”. This is a collection which has been demonstrated in various cities of the world including Moscow, Dublin, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Dusseldorf, Berlin, London, Vienna, Boston, San Francisco and many others.

All the ladies depicted by Pavel Vaan are Muscovites. Each of them enjoys her own unique and independent life. Despite all the daily routine of a big metropolis, they, nevertheless, manage to remain humane, kind and beautiful.

And this is what makes the art of Pavel Vaan so special. Urban life in the age of information and globalization requires additional efforts to keep one’s personality intact. One cannot, and shouldn’t, look like divas in glossy fashion magazines. Standardization has never been good for human beings. It is therefore of utmost importance to create a live, not a glamorous, image. A charismatic, individual personality always attracts attention; its inner energy fascinates others.

I am profoundly convinced that in his art Mr. Vaan has achieved the rare synthesis of the Russian and Dutch cultures. He managed to unite a modern view of the Dutch, who look into the future, and the mysterious Russian soul.

While welcoming Pavel Vaan once again, I also express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you, who has come here today. I am confident that you will really enjoy this exhibition.

On the Exhibition by Pavel Vaan in the Embassy